Wevr, Product Intern, Full-time

Full-time internship in Wevr San Francisco office |  Jan, 2016 - May, 2016

Competitive Analysis

Research and summarize competing video players, portals and apps that deliver aggregated VR content to consumers; understand their relative strengths and weakness, and recommend strategies for how Transport can differentiate and win with consumers.

Production Support

Assist product management in developing the Transport product and web site by coordinating content creators and other stakeholders within Wevr’s in-house production, engineering and QA departments.

Maker Features Evaluation, Analysis and Development

Use Wevr’s creation tool to assemble and publish interactive 360 video content, acting effectively as a “proto-Maker” to help product management understand the issues content creators will face when using our tool set.

Demo support

Assist Tony and other staff with demonstrating Wevr’s VR content and products for on-site meetings as well as external events such as Meetups, festivals, and trade shows.

Game Design/Virtual Reality TA, Full-time

Full-time Game Design/Virtual Reality Teacher for National High School Game Academy |  Jun, 2015 - Aug, 2015

2015.07.09 Game Design Class (Slides)

In this class, Chuck taught students about game Balancing methods, Indirect Control, Playtesting tips, and ways to do Brainstorming.


2015.07.24 Designing for VR Workshop (Slides)(Attachment: VR Development.docx)

In this class, Chuck talked about VR history from 1935 to present. Then Chuck gave them some VR Design Tips to help them understand the contents and constraints of this new medium. In the last hour, he showed them several VR games, films, and experience including Schell Game's I Expect You To Die, SightLine's The Chair, Temple Run VR, Vrse's Catatonic and Evolution of Verse, Project Hypnos' Imago...etc. He wanted them to understand the real feeling of some specific VR experience, and let them feel some of them are good VR design but some really make you nautious badly. 


Microsoft, Internship

XBOX Team, Microsoft |  2011-2012

Promoter for games and XBOX360 console was one of my jobs in Microsoft. During this period, I have understood all game types, like the controller games and Kinect games under the limitations of the present hardware. Moreover, I also had a chance to practice using the marketing approaches upon different people.

Trainer was another role for me in Microsoft. In this experience, I have trained the distributors in south Taiwan. Also, I have learned some skills of how to express the key information to audience in the shortest time from presentation.

Through the interaction with customers in the activities, I realized the type preference of games for particular ages and groups of people.

2D/3D Artist

My art reel from Sep, 2014 - Nov, 2014

Banner Design




Business card design


Future bus design 


Drama Acting & Video Editing

Creativity is generated from our daily life. In my experience, brainstorming any possibility in scripts and playing different characters in various dramas are the keys to make me creative and imaginative. I have played thousands of roles in different dramas since my high school time because I love challenge. 


Video Shooting & Editing 


2010 Storyteller and Actor in the drama performance

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